Nirvana’s Nevermind Tribute Album Review

This is a guest post authored by Chuck Vespucci

Yes, it's been almost 20 years!!!

SPIN has released a collection of artists covering Nirvana’s Nevermind album. As we are nearing the 20th anniversary of said albums release I think we may want to prepare ourselves for a heavy push of consumer nostalgia. Thankfully this collection is FREE via SPIN.

Here is a track-by-track review.

Smell’s Like Teen Spirit – Meat Puppets
It sounds like the Meat Puppets covering Nirvana. Sad.

In Bloom – Butch Walker and the Black Widows
Nirvana filtered through the mixing console of Butch. I almost listened to the entire track.

Come As You Are – Midnight Juggernauts
Awesome. A novel interpretation of a modern classic. I couldn’t even recognize the original track until the vocals started. Good Job!

Breed – Titus Andronicus
This sounds like an audition for a distortion/wah pedal. Imagine the original recording without the fabulous production, great performances and raw power.

Lithium – The Vaselines
Ewwww (in a good way) – Haunting and subtle. They almost sound like they knew what they were doing.

Polly – Amanda Palmer
Brilliant! This sounds like a nursery rhyme for a baby pirate. The banjo excels.  I want to be shipwrecked on the shores of this adaptation.

Territorial Pissings – Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood is the reason I downloaded this free album. I was disappointed. They sound like a bunch of kids that grew up listening to Nirvana on their older brothers compact disc. I guess maybe they were.

Drain You – Foxy Shazam
Squeaky! Brilliant! Oh Foxy you have outdone yourself! Trumpets, piano, backup vocalist, a kettle drum! This is worth the submitting your email to SPIN.

Lounge Act – Jessica Lea Mayfield
Wow! This album is really picking up speed. Not an incredibly original cover but it has it where it counts. To quote the anonymous “The music is not in the guitar.”

Stay Away – Charles Bradley and the Menehan Street Band
Fuck, this is HOT! I feel like Charles really wants me to “stay away.” This is a true talent covering a true talent. Only if James Brown would have covered Elvis would we have a comparison.

On A Plain – Telekinisis
I lasted 3 seconds into this track. Next!

Something In The Way – Jeff The Brotherhood
A whisper of the original. I’m moving on.

Endless Nameless – EMA
Sonic explorations. Gawd! Is it over yet? This makes me want to drink coffee and shake it off.

Keep the stellar performances of Foxy Shazam, Jessica Lea Mayfield and Charles Bradley and toss the rest into your trash.


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