What Is Bums Logic?


After many years of talking, chatting, instant messaging, texting, sexting, emailing, and yes, even talking on the phone (and in person!) about music, movies, books, culture, technology, politics, sports, culture and pretty much everything else, Steve Rubin and Todd Levinson Frank decided it was time to start an official blog.

Bums Logic is an anagram for  “music blog.” 

The plan is not to be “just another music blog” but more of a throwback to an online magazine with original and unique content. It won’t just be a collection of links to other cool places on the web (though there will be some of that) and it wont rely on SEO keywords or trending topics to maximize page views. Hopefully people will read it for the articles, as they say.

After almost 20 years of playing music together, Steve and Todd now look to engage in another musical conversation but this time using words and interwebs instead of guitars and drums. There will be some improvisation, as well more structured originals. Maybe a few covers.

There will be guests as well:  a stable of session players, ghost writers, studio musicians, and guest columnists will occasionally sit in and share some of their writings with the rest of the world.

Bums Logic will be a place where unique ideas and writings mix with intelligent insight and humor. It will be mostly rooted in music, but don’t be surprised to read about politics, movies, or your local subway system.

The idea is to celebrate music, and the creative endeavor of writing, and writing about music without falling prey to the petty approach of the “music critic.” Bums Logic will take a (mostly) positive approach of building something decent, not just tearing other people’s shit down. There’s too much great music in the world to waste time and energy criticizing what we don’t like.

The concept isn’t necessarily to have all the latest links to news, performances, or downloads, or blurbs about blurbs. Our hope is that it will be a place to read some (hopefully) thought-provoking stuff about music, film, sports, television, politics, books, art, technology, and culture. Maybe we’ll have a few laughs and maybe you’ll write for us someday too.

We call it a magazine, mostly as a nod to the not-too-distant past when we held stuff in our hands, not just the magazines, but the albums and tapes and CD’s they wrote about. While still essentially a blog, we’ll try to write our own jokes and do our own stunts.

Also, we’d be eternally grateful if you share our link on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else you share cool web stuff. In return, we’ll try our best to be cool web stuff.

Thanks for visiting.

b   u   m   s   l   o   g   i   c   m   u   s   i   c   b   l   o   g

Produced by Vanishing Point Productions in association with TLF Publishing.



  1. Love the [4th-to-]last paragraph of your vision! Looking forward to reading. Have you guys considered simultaneously publishing on Tumblr?


  2. This all seems very interesting. I admire your guys’ enthusiasm, and love for music. I won’t be a stranger to your blog.


  3. And in this blog age many people simply skim blogs that are “freshly pressed” or “Liked” or what is now “trending”. I admit even I do this sometimes…but not on your blog. I read entire articles! Your a real writer with a blog, yah! Love it.


  4. hey there folks, new to the blogging world and came across this site. enjoyed what i’ve read so far and want to say i’m looking forward to the next pearl jam record which i believe is out this year! in am irish guy living in melboune so feel free to check my site out. it i in early early stages though!!


  5. Hello, as an avid reader of your blog, I would love to send you a music review Suggestion if you do not mind? Is it possible to submit an artist/album for a review?
    Kind regards,


  6. Greetings everyone. While we here at Bums Logic are not everyday bloggers we do randomly post material and we are always looking for new stuff to write about.

    If you have band you would like us to review please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message with a link or information. We will do our best to write something for you.

    We should also note that we here at BumsLogic prefer to take on the positives of music. In other words, we would much rather write a review of your band talking about what we love vs. what we don’t. There is way too much negativity in this industry, too many haters as is.

    While we won’t post our personal emails on here (for obvious reasons) we will do our best to check out comments for any new information.


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