My First Listen: Drive-By Truckers “Go Go Boots”

The following is an email I sent to Bums Logic blogger Todd.Levinson.Frank after he held a gun to my head and forced me to listen to the new Drive-By Truckers album, Go Go Boots.   I would like to note that before this moment I had never heard one note of the band and knew very little about them except that they had a very cool name and tons of people loved them. By no means am I saying I don’t like them, this is just a moment of time/stream of consciousness thought process that was meant to be somewhat funny.

“ok, just downloaded this, imported into itunes. listening for first time right now. remember, ive never heard one note from these guys. ill keep a running email about thoughts:

  • song 1. “i do believe” – is this the band from “Friends” mixed with old tom petty? definite todd l frank music. is that a twang in his voice?
  • song 2. “go-go boots” – drums sound awesome on this track. overall good “room” sound. still not sure about the singers twang. sounds half tongue in cheek. are you a country jew now? is your name kinky friedman? sounds like kilby singing.
  • song 3. “dancing ricky” – ok, how country is this band, dude? not sure i can take another hour of this! but for you i will.
  • song 4. “cartoons gold” – todd. what are you doing to me here? i mean, i can get into some alt-country, mainly anything that is an alternative to country. is this brooks and dunn? is this song for real?
  • song 5. “rays automatic weapon” – does this one fill your springsteen jones? i dig the up front vocals, wurlitzer, and piano sounds. im starting to realize why you like these guys. starting to realize that maybe i need to start at album #1.
  • song 6. “everybody needs love” – gotta be honest. having trouble getting past the singer. the band is very good, nice, smooth, defined sound. but i feel like once the singing starts it takes on a half serious tone. very “wallflowers” esque song. except there isnt a handsome jew singing.
  • song 7. “assholes” – what does it say about a band when i think the drummer is the best thing about it? it says circle six, thats what it says. singer really sounds like kilby/the black hand on this one.
  • song 8. “the weakest man” – sorry todd, but i cant go on at this point….”