A Yelp Review


I give this post 1.5 stars. No where is there any mention of side boob.

Living in a society that allows individuals the right to express themselves is something our country’s founders felt was inalienable. One thing that the internet has provided the masses is a chance to express their opinions, thoughts and beliefs.  On it’s face the concept of providing a platform for everyone to share their voice is a positive thing.  In the virtual world of the internet both the like minded and ideologically divided can come together and engage in debates freely and without fear of reprisal from those with opposing viewpoints.

As I previously mentioned, on the surface this is a good thing.  However, as inherent as the likes of Jefferson and Franklin believed free expression as a good thing, I have to say I am not so certain.  It is one thing to debate politics across the ether of the internets in hopes of convincing your ideological counterpart to change their mind, but where I draw the line is when it is no longer debating but simply commenting on something for the sake of being able to re-read the words you wrote in some sort of publication.

What could I be talking about?  Simple, yelp.  This website represents everything that I feel is wrong with giving everyone a voice.  If you are not familiar with yelp.com feel free to give it a go and read some user reviews about service-based businesses across the globe.  Looking for a quiet place to grab a cocktail in Lisbon, check yelp.  Are you dying for some great seafood and you live in Des Moines, Iowa?  Go ape shit all over yelp because apparently there are folks in Des Moines that feel that Waterfront Seafood Market Restaurant in West Des Moines is the shit.  Don’t believe me, google that shit because at least one individual there believes that the CLAM chowder and coconut SHRIMP is fantastic.  Why the CAPS?  Maybe it is because I have difficulty believing clams and shrimp being served in a land locked state such as Iowa are all that fresh.
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I am totally up ended

Contributor’s Note:  Yes I have been drinking so if there are spelling and grammatical errors well then you can lick the sensitive area between my scrotum and penis.

Allow me to say that I usually do not post this late on a Friday night.  Tonight is an occasion that I will make an exception.

Earlier this evening I visited my favorite watering hole and as it turns out I happened to offend one of the servers that works there.

At this point I sort of want to keep my anonymity but, fuck it.  The bar I  frequent is a bar in the Washington DC neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant.  Tonic is the bar and anybody that knows me knows that you can find me there on some nights. It is close and if I feel like drinking I don’t have to worry about how I get home, it is two blocks from my apartment.

For the most part my visits to Tonic are relatively uneventful. However, tonight I managed to offend one of the servers. The issue at hand revolves around a comment I made.  In typical bar type discussion I made the following statement, “Michelle Malkin needs it up the two hole.”

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