The Worthy Brothers Present “the guarantee”

We had the pleasure of participating in the 48-Hour Film Project in Washington, DC, where we were given a genre, some required elements, and 48 hours to write, film, edit, and submit a finished short film.

Our assigned genre was DRAMA, and we had to include a character named Denny (or Denise) Murray who had a job as a recruiter, show a set of keys, and include the line “I have just one question.”

We spent Friday night kicking around various ideas for films, and even spent a couple hours writing a script for an idea we threw out the window in favor of doing the film you’ll see below. We did all the filming that Saturday, Jr Worthy did initial cuts and edits overnight Saturday, and then Sunday we finished the editing while Steve worked some original music into the film.

Our entire crew, from writing and location scouting, to filming and assisting, as well as editing and all acting, consisted of a total of 5 people. The 48-hour time limit was enough of a challenge, but we’re also proud of what we were able to accomplish with just the 5 of us in that time frame.

the guarantee made its big-screen debut at the 48-Hour Film Project screening at the AFI Theater in Silver Spring, MD, and now we present it online for your viewing pleasure.  (We recommend you watch the full-screen version by clicking the arrows between HD and vimeo on the player below.)

The Worthy Brothers present the guarantee:




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