Just a Dream

Last night in my deep slumber I had a simple yet strange dream.  In my dream I found myself in the year 1974 at the age I am now. All in all things weren’t too bad.  Despite the fact that I had no internet or cable TV, I was able to function just fine.  Can you believe that?

It wasn’t until I wanted to listen to some in dream tunes that I realized that there was a problem.  Seeing how I was in 1974 my ipod was years away from even being a fathomable concept, I was at a loss.  In my dream I began to lament the fact that it would be decades before I could listen to some of my favorite music that is just a few clicks away in my conscious world.

Radiohead, the Black Keys, Cee-lo Green, Jackie and the Treehorns, Adele (yes, I admit it.  The sassy Brit has soul), and the like wouldn’t be recording for years to come.  What could I do? Then it hit me.  Being in 1974 didn’t mean I would have to suffer.  Not in the least bit.  In my dream I tried to remember who exactly would I want to listen to in 1974.

Like a brick it hit me.  I was in 1974 and some serious rockin’ was either already rockin’ or had yet to be rocked. A shit ton of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Neil Young was already out with much more to come out in the years ahead.  Sure, I have heard most of their music to the point of having taken them for granted but the asshole in me really wanted to be at the record store waiting in line 1975 to pick up Wish You Were Here. I would want to buy a copy if for nothing else than wanting to stand in line singing the title track just to have the folks in line behind me have their minds blown by the fact that some weird dude was singing the words to a song they probably had never heard before.

John Bonham

Even though he is playing drums, Bonham is thinking about getting so shit faced that he may or may not piss his own pants in an airplane seat.

Also, laugh if you want but there was some kick ass Disco that was waiting for dream me as well. Yeah I said it.  The bass line by some white dudes in ‘Staying Alive’ is dope and that is just an example of the popular shit you have heard of because it’s catchy and fun to watch old people dance to at weddings.  Please excuse me for a minute, folks a few years ahead of my  generation may be responsible for Disco but children born in the mid 80’s to early 90’s embraced the fucking Macarena.  Any day of the week will I put the brothers Gibb and that bat shit crazy dancing Scientologist John Travolta against some of the horse shit that followed.  Electric Slide anyone?

Back to the dream. Live shows, forget it. So many bands so many venues.  Hearing those bands on vinyl would be one thing but seeing them live would be another world in and of itself.

Seeing as I was in 1974, I had time to wait and plan just how I was going to make it to Pittsburgh, PA on September 23rd 1980.

How about you?  What music would you miss if you got blasted back to another era and what bands would you want to see perform in their hey day?  Comment away.



  1. Oh God you have opened up a shit can of worms my friend. Well dang I would miss all rap and electronica that I have grown to love over the years. No P.E., Tribe, Jay-Z, Daft Punk, DJ Shadow, and my current fave M83…..

    But all that is easily replaced with the chance to hit Zappa, Floyd, Zep, the Who (just not in Cincinnatti), Stones, etc…..in their prime!
    Also, all the Jazz greats who were still alive back then: Miles, Bill Evans, Dizzy, Mingus, Monk (did he still perform in 74?) Jaco!!!

    Not to mention how cheap the shows were and how much money I could make betting on every sporting event!


  2. Well, on the funk, soul angle – I’d have to add Maceo Parker, James Brown, George Clinton (Parliament-Funkadelic), Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix …


  3. Not seeing The Roots or Lauren Hill live would totally suck. I need Broken Social Scene for my commute to work…I guess I’d sub it was Eart Wind and Fire. I dunno.


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