NFL Preview: Bitter Bills Fan

Here comes the NFL, but over the years I turned into more of a college fan, because, well, I’m a Bills fan…

Can you blame me?

Buffalo NY Helmet

In order to avoid litigation I have made my own helmet design for the professional football team located in Buffalo, NY.

As a Bills fan I have experienced nothing but disappointment. Even the most casual football fan knows about Super Bowl XXV and ‘wide right.’ Many will say that has to be the pinnacle of the disappointment.  Of course those same folk can point to the fact that the Bills were an 8 point favorite in the game and should have very well beaten the Giants that evening without the help of Scott Norwood’s foot needed to kick a 47 yard field goal to win.  After the game people were calling for his head for missing a FOURTY SEVEN yard field goal.  Never mind that at that distance the percentage of all field goal kickers is less than 50%.  To blame Norwood for the loss is disingenuous.

Scott Norwood is certainly not to blame for the next THREE Super Bowl losses the Bills endured.  Are you kidding me?  Four losses in a row?  Again, even the most casual football fan knows that number.  At least Bills have company with Vikings fans.

Yes four consecutive Super Bowl losses hurt.  But do you know what hurts even more? Poor officiating.  Allow me set the stage for you.

Dec. 28, 1996 AFC Wild Card Jacksonville 30, Buffalo 27 – Despite trailing by 3 points late in the game the Bills were in the midst of final drive to either tie up the game or put the go ahead score on the board.  The drive was progressing until a play in which Bills QB Jim Kelly scrambled out of the pocket to the right in order to avoid a sack.  As he was being tackled he would fumble the ball and the Jacksonville Jaguars would recover the fumble.  HOWEVER, looking at the instant replay on TV one could clearly see that Kelly’s knee was down.  The only problem, the NFL had yet to implement instant replay and play challenges by the coaches.  Again, Kelly’s knee was down. Blown call…I am disappoint.

January 8, 2000 AFC Wild Card Tennessee 22, Buffalo 16 – In a hard fought defensive battle the two teams were in a slug fest.  With 16 seconds remaining on the clock the venerable Steve Christie kicked a 41-yard field goal to put the Bills up 16-15.  Things were looking up and the Bills seemed to be headed to the next playoff round.  Then, some bullshit play that has been dubbed the Music City Miracle happened.  Without going into too many details, the Titans were some how not penalized for throwing an illegal forward pass on the ensuing kickoff return that they were able to take all of the way into the endzone.  Complete and total bullshit.  It was a forward pass, plain and simple.  This time the jack asses had access to instant replay but failed to man up and correct the botched call on the field.  Again, it was a forward pass.  Blown non-call…I am disappoint.

Since then the lowly Buffalo Bills have not really even sniffed the playoffs. In thirteen years the Bills have had no less than six, count them, six head coaches.  As much as I love Bill’s owner Ralph Wilson and everything he has done for the game of professional football, the old guy needs to go ahead and let someone else buy the team.  My hope is that he does sell the team and then they get relocated.  I am pretty sure that if a team is relocated then it is not only OK stop supporting them but it is also OK to hate them for leaving.

I no longer wish to be disappoint.


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