WTF? A Letter From One Of Our Readers

Riddle me this Bum Logic….

We had a band at my bar play tonight called “Perpetual Groove”….

Just as I imagined, they played a “perpetual 2 hour jam song” to the delight of 500+ hippies with glow necklaces.

It was 15 bucks to get in, and we sold out 500 tickets in about an hour.

I’ve never heard of them, but apparently a bunch of stinky hippies have. (Veggie burritos anyone?)

So, tomorrow night we have the Nappy Roots playing for 10 bucks, and we’ve only pre-sold like 30 tickets.

What the FUCK!

The Nappy Roots are a platinum album selling, grammy award winning band.

Shit, they have songs on Madden 2004 AND 2006!

So, I guess I’m asking….Where is the love for ACTUAL talent these days??

No disrespect to Perpetual Groove, but they sell out the place playing a 2 hour “jam song”, and no one cares about the Nappy Roots???

Am I getting old, or do people not appreciate music these days?

Da Nappy shit is brilliant….

Am I wrong? Just curious……

(Sure…you have my permission to add this to your Bum Blog)

P.S. Anytime the Circle Six wants to play my club…just holla. The C.O.D. is mandatory…Da Bear is optional….


-Da Slob

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