I am totally up ended

Contributor’s Note:  Yes I have been drinking so if there are spelling and grammatical errors well then you can lick the sensitive area between my scrotum and penis.

Allow me to say that I usually do not post this late on a Friday night.  Tonight is an occasion that I will make an exception.

Earlier this evening I visited my favorite watering hole and as it turns out I happened to offend one of the servers that works there.

At this point I sort of want to keep my anonymity but, fuck it.  The bar I  frequent is a bar in the Washington DC neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant.  Tonic is the bar and anybody that knows me knows that you can find me there on some nights. It is close and if I feel like drinking I don’t have to worry about how I get home, it is two blocks from my apartment.

For the most part my visits to Tonic are relatively uneventful. However, tonight I managed to offend one of the servers. The issue at hand revolves around a comment I made.  In typical bar type discussion I made the following statement, “Michelle Malkin needs it up the two hole.”

By that statement I meant that Ms. Malkin needs to be provided anal sex.  Yes, I said that.  I admit it.  However, the server in question took that to mean that Michelle Malkin needed to be anally raped.

Let me be clear that I NEVER used the word rape.  Again, just so I am clear, I never mentioned the word rape.  Never, would I ever, condone rape.  To me the act of rape is beyond reprehensible.  It is fucking ludicrous that  I would ever insinuate that someone should be raped.

After a long winded discussion in trying to defend my position it was clear that the server was more than angry about my statement. Despite the fact that I was clearly under the influence of alcohol I did my best to defend my comment.  Well the sever was not having any of it. I had clearly offended her.

Once I realized just how much I had offended her I admittedly apologized.  I told her that I clearly did not recognize her feelings on the matter and that I was wrong to not accept how she felt on the matter.  Please note: I am not trying to toot my horn here as I have been known to do in the past but you have to admit that as a man it is fairly surprising that I admitted my fault in the matter.  Again, I admit that it was severely insensitive of me to not accept the fact that my comments may have been construed as me condoning violence against women.  That certainly couldn’t be further from the truth.  The fact i that I LOVE women.  All sorts of them.

Nevertheless, I had offended a woman with my comment.  Speaking honestly, I feel terrible about that. However, now that I have been home for awhile and had a chance to speak to my neighbors I must say that now I am more angry than I am sorry.

The reality of the situation is that I despite the fact that my diction offended the server it is actually a reflection of how she interpreted my comment.  You see, she was upset because I insinuated that Michelle Malkin be forcibly taken anally.  Upon further reflection I realize that she is more upset about my diction more than anything else.

Had it been the case that I said that Ms. Malkin needed to be held down and tickled into submission until she admitted that she was a worthless human being would the server be as upset?  I have to think that the answer is ‘No.’

To me the disconnect occurs because I intimated anal sex.  Had it been the case that I suggested a forcible tickle session then I don’t think it would have been so upsetting to the server.

My point in all of this is that there is a gap between my generation and that of the sensitive fucks that are being bred these days.  Perhaps this is my ‘GETOFFMYLAWN’ moment but seriously you young fucking pussies, GO THE FUCK UP.

Stop being so god damn sensitive.  There will not be any grief councilors on hand to discuss you fucking feelings.  Grow the fuck up.

While it is true that I wanted to be sensitive to her feelings, I now recognize that she was being a fucking shit bird that just can’t condone someone being forced to do something against their will.

Well let me be the first to give you a fucking wake up call. Everyday that you wake up and go to work you are doing something against your will.  Seriously, who the fuck wants to work everyday.  Oh you want to say “Find something you love and you will never work another day in your life.” To this I say, “Shut the fuck up you fucking asshole.”

The real truth is no one, and I a mean no one wants to work. Seriously who wants to work?

I digress.  The point of this post is that I got derailed by a youngen that has not realized that her high standards and morals regarding individual rights are total bullshit.  As I mentioned before, if I had said that Michelle Malkin needed to have a fucking pedicure until she realized that she was a cum sucking waste of person then I wouldn’t have offended the server in question.

The matter boils down to semantics. If it is the case that she was truly offended by my comments regarding anal sex then all I have to say that she needs to grow the fuck up and realize that diction and connotation are no where close to being related.

Stupid bitch.  Yeah, that’s right I called her a bitch.  Would you have preferred that I called her a literal minded, narrow visioned, myopic twit? Yeah? Well then, suck my balls.

Yes I am drunk but at least I am being honest.

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